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People usually know that hard water does not have a pleasant taste, but they do not often consider the other issues that hard water can pose. From causing inefficiencies in your plumbing system to irritating your skin, untreated water can be a subtle annoyance that impacts you every day. 

When you speak to our team at Barrs Plumbing Inc, you can rest in the fact that you too will soon have superior water treatment in Fort White and Lake City and surrounding areas.

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What Are the Consequences of Having Hard Water?

While the term “hard water” may seem like a contradiction, the phrase is actually an appropriate one, since the different chemicals and minerals inside the water are those that tend to calcify or harden right inside your system.

This causes a lot of issues, not only in your plumbing system itself, but also on various fixtures and appliances around your home, and even within your own body.

Some of the many negative side effects that come from having hard water include:

Customizing Your Water Treatment Services

Although hard water is a common problem in Lake City, it is only one of many that you might encounter in your home.

There are many other issues you might encounter in your water line, ranging from an influx of bacteria from hazardous backup to the presence of improperly disposed of chemicals. Regardless of the situation, it is best to have a variety of methods available to get rid of these harmful substances.

Whether you require a dedicated filtration system or need an effective water conditioner, you can trust our Fort White and Lake City plumbers to find the right combination to suit your individual requirements. Our team at Barrs Plumbing Inc can answer all your questions about these multiple kinds of treatment opportunities.

Call us today at or contact our helpful team online, and you too will be able to customize the right way to beat water issues through or services for water treatment in Fort White, Lake City, Columbia County, and surrounding areas.

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