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Sewer Camera Inspection in Lake City, Gainesville, Columbia County, and Alachua County

Getting to the Source of Your Sewer Issues

These days, modern technology has become so advanced that it transforms previously difficult tasks into jobs that allow much more accuracy and precision, with less labor. For example, surgeons used to have much more of a challenge when it came to an internal issue. Now, however, all they have to do is insert a tiny camera into your body, and they can instantly identify where the trouble is.

A sewer camera works in the exact same way, allowing our professionals at Barrs Plumbing Inc to identify the specific issue occurring in your system. We then can address the problem with the same surgical precision, from repairing a leak to removing a blockage. With sewer camera inspections in Fort White, Lake City and surrounding areas, you will be able to benefit from this advanced development as well.

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How a Sewer Camera Inspection Works

First, a flexible and extendable rod is securely fastened to a cutting-edge, high-definition camera. This rod with the camera is then directly placed into the sewer system. As it transmits live images, a professional sewer specialist will examine this feed closely. 

Because of the rod’s superior mobility, even the most narrow, congested sewers can be thoroughly examined to identify where the problem is located. This gives us the ability to pinpoint exactly what needs to be done to resolve the issue.

Why Sewer Cameras Are So Advantageous

You may be wondering whether sewer camera inspections are worth the extra effort since plumbers have needed to identify trouble spots for many years – so why would a camera make any difference? The truth is that even though these past methods were technically fine, they in no way measured up to the accuracy and efficiency of camera inspections.

Some of the many advantages which residents gain from having a sewer camera inspection include:

At Barrs Plumbing Inc, our plumbers in Fort White and Lake City are more than happy to walk you through the whole process of checking on your sewer’s integrity, so that you sleep easy at night.

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