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Anyone who owns a business or manages property needs to have a plan for if something goes wrong with the plumbing on their commercial property. When you come to our knowledgeable team of specialists for the care you need, you can be sure that you will only get the finest workmanship.

At Barrs Plumbing Inc, our technicians are devoted to providing commercial and industrial care, so that everyone who comes through your doors will be impressed.

Simply give us a call now at to ask any questions you may have regarding commercial plumbing in Fort White, Lake City, Columbia County, Gainesville, and surrounding areas.


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Barrs Plumbing has been in our family for 3 generations that have been trusted by our local community.

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*Same-day services depend on availability and scheduling, especially during high-demand seasons.

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We are a professional team with marked vehicles that can be counted on to do any plumbing job.

Dependable Commercial Installations

Everyone wants to have reliable plumbing lines and fixtures, but it is especially critical when your business’s name and reputation are on the line. Just think about how many people walk through the doors of your company on a daily basis, whether they are staff members, employees, visitors, or other guests. To service all these individuals, your plumbing system has to be working flawlessly at all times. Without industrial-grade products and appliances, from utility sinks to water heaters, your business will not be able to run smoothly or effectively. For quality products and installation service, all you need to do is ask our helpful team. 

Schedule Rapid Repairs To Keep Your Business Moving

It is essential to always seek out dedicated support as soon as you become aware of the fact that there could be a plumbing issue. Even if you think that the problem is a minor one, delaying will often cause the problem to grow. 

Some of the consequences that may come from delaying in scheduling emergency repairs for your commercial establishment include

Because taking proactive steps is the best way to stop a catastrophe from occurring, make sure to find a professional plumbing company that offers dedicated emergency care, no matter the time of day or night. At Barrs Plumbing Inc, we aim to provide you with superior support, so that your business not only survives an emergency situation, but continues to thrive.

Reach out to us now or contact our dedicated techs online to begin scheduling services for commercial plumbing in Lake City, Gainesville, and surrounding areas.


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